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These "Terms and Conditions" represent the contract between you ("Customer") and Rhea Costa Fashion SRL ("Store", "We"). The agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which you will provide us with information, try on dresses ("the Product") and receive accessory services ("Services") from Rhea Costa Fashion SRL through the Website ("") or directly from the showroom.


Before ticking "I accept", please read our "Terms and Conditions" policy carefully. The terms and conditions are subject to change from one use of our services to another. By ticking "I accept", you agree to our terms and conditions and become a party to this agreement, including the “Terms and Conditions” for the Website and the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, do not check "I accept”, and thus do not place an order requesting the use of the TRY AT HOME service. In this case, unfortunately, we cannot receive your order and we cannot send you the "Product". We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions.




This "Terms and Conditions" contains all terms and conditions applicable to testing of Rhea Costa and Rhea Costa Bridal samples through the Website. You agree that your use of the Website and our services are in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and its Privacy Policy also available at, which may be modified unilaterally. No other form of the Terms and Conditions (pre-printed or otherwise available) is applicable to rent.

You agree and understand that you only try the product and that its owner remains Rhea Costa Fashion every time. Our products can be tested by people of legal age, who can pay for the service by card or bank transfer payment. By ticking "I accept" or by signing the printed "Agreement", you certify that you are of legal age and that you are authorised to use the chosen payment method (including credit card) in order to rent the products described below.

The product Rhea Costa Fashion SRL offers home trial services (TRY AT HOME) for evening dresses and wedding dresses. By placing an order you can try a maximum of 2 products each time you operate the TRY AT HOME service.

The contract. This Agreement represents the contract between us and you, regarding the chosen product, under the conditions specified on the Website. This Agreement is completed with the information in your Rhea Costa account, regarding the identification data, the chosen products, the service’s duration, as well as other relevant information.



2. TRY AT HOME service price, Warranty, Payment methods, Service duration, Cancellations


Access to the TRY AT HOME service

This service is allowed to any person who accesses the TRY AT HOME button on the products displayed on our website pages and fills in the dedicated form or contacts our consultants by e-mail (, phone call or Whatsapp (+40729353003). Access to the service is possible only by accepting the Terms and Conditions for the Website, including the Privacy Policy.


We reserve the right to remove you from our list of customers and to refuse you to purchase our products in the future in the event of any breach of this Agreement.


By accepting this agreement or by signing it, you agree that Rhea Costa fashion SRL may use the information entered on the Website or on written orders, including your email address. You agree to receive regular information and promotional materials, such as newsletters, announcements, etc.

The data taken from you, in order to send the newsletters, can and will be used by Rhea Costa Fashion SRL within the limits of the Privacy Policy.


The products included in the TRY AT HOME service are samples of the collections, the size may vary for each garment.

We kindly invite you to identify the products included in this service by following the label in the right corner of each product page on the website. We recommend that you fill in the form available on the product page even if the label indicates the unavailability of the product at that moment. One of our stylists can suggest a similar model or can reserve your dress for another time when it becomes available.

The price of the "Try at home" service is displayed on the website for each product. To this price, we add the delivery-return costs, as listed below and on the Website. 

With the help of one of our Rhea Costa consultors, once the order is completed, you will be informed regarding the grand total of payment (consisting of the price for one or 2 products and any delivery costs).




  • 119 Ron / dress in Romania
  • 25 Euro / dress in UE and other countries

Refundable Deposit : 20% full price dress

Every extra day: 

  • 50RON/ dress Romanian clients
  • 10 Euro/dress International clients 



Payment methods. The payment can be completed by bank transfer. Rhea Costa Fashion SRL will issue an invoice that includes the price of the service, the guarantee fee and the shipping costs, as soon as you have placed the order by phone or via Whatsapp. We will send the invoice by email for payment. Once we receive the payment confirmation by e-mail or Whatsapp, the products will be delivered to your address, as confirmed on the phone.


Execution of the contract. The contract is concluded on the date of order confirmation by email sent by Rhea Costa Fashion SRL. The order can be placed at any time. You choose the day on which you want the product to be delivered.


Unilateral termination of the contract. The consumer has the right to notify the trader in writing that he/she renounces to buy the service, without penalties or invoking a reason, within 2 days before the delivery of the package at the established date.


Rental duration. The TRY AT HOME service lasts 2 days from the moment you received the package. If the "Product" is returned earlier, the price of the service doesn’t change. The duration of the service can be extended only by phone agreement and subsequently confirmed by e-mail, the price of the extended service is 10 Euro / day internationally and 50 Ron / day nationally.


The promotions do not cumulate with each other. The promotions and discounts offered for online orders are not valid for the TRY AT HOME service.



3. Rhea Costa's OBLIGATIONS to the Customer


We will deliver the sample(s), in the size xxxxxxxxx and at the established date. The sample may be slightly different in style and colour than it appears in the photos on the Website. Our liability for the delivery of the ordered product is limited to delivery at the date and place indicated by the order. In case of non-execution, we will fully refund the price of the service already paid.


“Clean and ready to wear" delivery. Our samples can be ordered and delivered on the same day, in Bucharest. For other orders, the products will be delivered no earlier than the day following the order. The delivery method and delivery costs are chosen exclusively by Rhea Costa Fashion SRL. The product will be professionally cleaned and sanitised and delivered ready to wear. We ensure the cleaning and careful verification of the condition of each product. The use of the product is at your own risk and we are not responsible for any health problems caused by using the product.


Product return. Upon delivery of the product, we will provide a return label of the product and return instructions (Return Package). When the product reaches us, it is checked and if it does not show any signs of damage, we will return the full warranty fee within 24 hours.


Should you need assistance in choosing the product, we offer counselling services by e-mail (, Whatsapp and phone call at +40729353003.


In no case, Rhea Costa FAshion SRL (or its suppliers) is not liable to you or to a third party for special, incidental, indirect or loss of profit or compensation, resulting from our products or related to them, regardless of whether they are based on warranties, contracts, tortious liability, even if Rhea Costa Fashion SRL has been warned about these risks.


Using the products at your own risk. Rhea Costa Fashion SRL is not liable for damages arising from this contract, from the products or services related to it, based on warranty, contract, damage, within the limits of "Rental Costs" related to this Agreement. You assume full and exclusive responsibility and liability for any damage caused by the use of the products during the rental.


Processing of personal data and confidentiality. The information note on the processing of personal data is displayed on the site, in the Privacy Policy section.



4. Customer's OBLIGATIONS to Rhea Costa


The product can be picked up from the showroom or delivered by courier. After delivery, you assume full responsibility for the product(s). If you opt for delivery by courier, you have the obligation to receive the product at the date indicated in your order. We recommend that you provide us with a secure delivery address, where a person (you or another person indicated by you) can come into the possession of the parcel. In the event that an unsecured delivery address is indicated, (the product being delivered without being taken over by a person), Rhea Costa Fashion SRL does not assume responsibility for products left unattended. Moreover, you take the risk that not indicating a secure address may lead to delays or additional delivery costs, for which you are fully responsible.


Product use. You have the obligation to use the product with great care, as if it were borrowed from a close friend. You are responsible for any loss, destruction or degradation caused by theft, mysterious disappearances, fire, significant stains (large, not able to be cleaned) or any other causes than normal. Normal use covers minor stains, missing beads or blocked zippers. If you return a product that is more damaged than normal use, you agree that any repair costs will be charged to you and you will pay the cost of repairing or replacing the product.

You agree to return the products by courier on the 3rd day from the moment you received the package. The return must be made in the same conditions in which you received them, with all labels attached, using the return package. If the labels have been torn or the dresses show major damage, we will charge you the price of the sample dress for each dress in question. If you do not return the product on the 3rd day, a "Delay Cost" will be charged for each day of delay, 10 Euro / day for international and 50 ROn nationally. 

Penal clause. If you return a more damaged product than you received, you agree that any repair costs will be charged to you and you will pay the cost of repairing or replacing the product, as we will invoice them, determined by us in relation to the value sample of the product.


If you have not returned the product within 10 days of the return deadline, we will notice a lack of return and you will owe 100% of the "Product Catalog Price". If you pay this amount, the product is yours, without any guarantee from Rhea Costa Fashion SRL.


Full Cost Recovery. In case you don't pay the past-due payments (damages price, delay costs, other charges), we need to go through debt recovery procedures. Thus, we will charge you through legal proceedings for all outstanding payments, including recovery fees.


5. Other clauses


This agreement (including the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy for the Website) constitutes the entire arrangement between you and Rhea Costa Fashion SRL regarding the products in question and is the manifestation of final, complete and exclusive accord, replacing all previous written and oral agreements on the subject in question. Changes can be made only by Rhea Costa Fashion SRL. We reserve the right to terminate or modify this agreement at any time, for any reason, with a written notification concerning the cause of termination or modification. The waiver of any term or condition as well as any breach thereof shall not affect any other term of this Agreement. 

The agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the provisions regarding the lease contract, provided in the Civil Code. 

The termination of this agreement will not relieve you of any related payment obligations. If any provision of this Agreement is declared illegal, inapplicable, or in conflict with any law by any authority having jurisdiction over this Agreement, the validity of the other sections or provisions of this document shall remain in full force and effect. Rhea Costa Fashion SRL will not be accountable for the impossibility to execute any of its above obligations motivated by major force.