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Measuring guide

For your custom-made order, our team will create a unique pattern design based upon your requests.
Please take into consideration that a made-to-measure product requires more than standard manufacture and because of its complex process, it takes more time. You must fill in the made-to-measure form and submit your order; we will contact you within 48 hours to decide the final details and give you an estimated delivery date. We will be your consultants throughout the whole process.

For a better accuracy, please check our measuring guide below.




Measuring video



1. Have I got some extra-costs for a custom-made order?

The Made to Measure process cost is 50% of the value of the product, but it's complimentary. In case of a return, that amount won't be refunded.
However, we are very confident that you'll fall in love with the purchased product and everything will be great.

2. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Delivery times depend on the product complexity and fabric availability.
We confirm the production time after we have established all the details regarding all the personalized details.
Please advise with Rhea Costa team the date of your event in order to know if the order can or cannot be done in time for the event.
The time frame for customized products takes 20 to 40 business days + shipping time. Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details. If you do not receive an email, please contact our Customer Care service.
The delivery date will be confirmed after all the details of the order have been completed. Please keep in mind that any request you wish / need may influence the production time and extend the shipping time.

3. How much do I pay for delivery services?

Delivery services are included.

4. How does the whole process work?

You fill in the made-to-measure form and confirm the order.
We contact you within 48 hours to decide the final details and give you an estimated delivery date.
Please take into consideration that this is not a standard product. Our team will create an unique pattern design based upon your requests.

Upload 3 photos of yourself against a white wall to identify your body type (front – back -side).

After deciding the details, the order will be processed in the workshop. Please take care of all the measurements because we are not taking responsibility for any wrongly taken and transmitted measurements.

We will be your consultants throughout the process (constant communication, sending photos during production, help and advices from our stylists, changes according to your needs). After the order has been processed in the workshop, we cannot change details in the design of the dress.

5. Can I return a made-to-measure product?

Yes, you can return a made-to-measure product, however please bear in mind that we’ll retain 50% of the product price and the shipment cost.
For more details about the return process, please check the RETURNS section.

6. What option(s) do I have in case a made-to-measure product doesn’t fit me, but I want the purchase to remain valid?

Should you be interested in keeping the order, we offer you the possibility of REPAIR AND MODIFY.

This represents an extra charge service. The product that needs to be repaired or modified must be thoroughly evaluated. This may take some time. We would pursue this matter only at our discretion and get back to you with resolution fees and timing.

7. What happens if the measurements are not accurate?

Our team will carefully guide you in the process of taking and filling in your measures.

During the production time, please let us know about any significant body changes that could influence the measurements. We do not take responsibility for any measures changed during the production time allocated to making your product.

But you have the possibility to return the product and ask for a refund.

8. Would it be possible to schedule an appointment for a fitting after placing an order?

Yes, we can schedule a fitting in our showroom in Bucharest, Romania. STYLIST APPOINTMENT

We would like to bring to your attention that not all products can be found in the showroom or in our retailer’s shops all over the world. Should you be interested in taking your measurements and do fittings in the showroom located in Bucharest, Romania, at 14 Doctor Burghelea Street, District 2, please schedule an appointment to visit the world of Rhea Costa and see more designs. For any further information, we kindly invite you to contact us by phone or by email.

9. Is there a chance to have a look at the same product but on different color, length or extra options?

Should you wish to see a product on a different color or length or personalize it with extra options, please mention your potential request in the PRODUCT SIMULATION box.

Product simulation

The Product Simulation is our way of helping you decide what is your best option when choosing the perfect outfit. If you would like to see the product you wish to purchase made on / with:

  • a different colour
  • a different length
  • long / 3/4 / short sleeves or sleeveless
  • extra lace to conceal the bra or any particular area

Please click the product simulation tab from the product page and send us your requests. For the accepted simulations, the response may take up to 3 business days. If the design of a model doesn't allow the alteration you requested, we will inform you if that is possible or not to do.

As far as the colours of the fabrics are concerned, please consider that we have made the effort to display them as accurately as possible. However, as every electronic gadget varies, we cannot guarantee that the monitor's display of a colour will be entirely accurate.

How the product is displayed
on shop
How the product looks like based upon the request