Creative Director


Andreea Constantin is the Creative Director of Rhea Costa and president of the company she founded in 2009. Andreea first stepped into the fashion world as a model, to soon get closer to the creative process by becoming the stylist of Glamour Romania and Viva! Awards Ceremony, although she had neither experienece, nor studies in fashion design. The instinctive way through which she manipulated the fabrics when creating the first dress is still used today as fundament of each Rhea Costa collection.

Andreea’s transition from one area of fashion to the other offered her a multitude of perspectives translated today into the philosophy of the Rhea Costa brand. Good design should harmonise with your figure to underline your femininity, it should stand the test of time in terms of quality and most of all, it should make you feel comfortable.

Her 10 years of intensive training in the sport of fencing have shaped her strategic vision and management style, while her fantastic mathematical mind translates now into great patterns and well-thought proportions for all bodies and shapes.
     Today, 12 years after the launch of the Rhea Costa brand, Andreea gets involved in every detail of the business, but not because she has to, but because she loves it and respects the end result. Reading and interpreting the numbers, setting the pricing policy, posting on social media, drawing patterns, doing the fittings, going through quality checks... she loves it all! To Andreea, the craft and the business of Rhea Costa are about serving and honouring the product.

The vision

“I feel the fabric, structure it directly on the mannequin to see exactly how it moves, how it emphasises the silhouette. I expect every single piece I design to honour the silhouette, be it skinny or curvy. Therefore, I make every detail show the complimentary obvious in the most discreet and feminine way. ”

”My designs put skinny and curvy women on the same pedestal of femininity, sexiness, strength and modern minimalism.”